If I’ve run out of power today, I’ll just borrow some from tomorrow.
Natsu, Fairy Tail ep. 93


In the sunlight of awareness, Everything becomes sacred.


In the sunlight of awareness, Everything becomes sacred.

Where I go from here…

So I have really been struggling lately with who I am and where I go from here. We grow up as kids with our lives practically planned for us. And no one will admit to that, but the expectations are there. Always pressing. And I am faced with expectations now. Expectations to go to grad school, to find a job, to make money, to find a family, to settle down, get a house…

But I have never fit the norm. I don’t want to live according to other peoples’ rules. I think we are ridiculous to think that we can do the things we do and that no one ever questions the monopolizing moves, the drive for money, everything. I don’t want to pretend that I own part of the earth - I want to be a part of it. And it is coming to me now that maybe my move to make a difference in the world and be something greater is by being something lesser. That instead of going to grad school or trying to pursue some typical or lofty dream, I find a sustainable community and live as humble a life I can.

It is hard because it rejects the norm and puts me at risk if I dont pursue the financial path and it is hard because in many ways it may lead to me losing my family. The norm is all my mother and family and friends know or expect. If I move somewhere  off the map to in my opinion live a real life, I honestly dont know if they would ever try to visit. It is hard because what always feels right to me is never what other people do. But all I want to do is live. To be happy. And to be in nature. 

I’ll take your thoughts. And support. And whatever you’ve got. 

If I go through with this, I think I will just help in the community I join and find a way to be a part of nature. To connect with the world, observe behavior, and write about whatever I can. 




I dream of these futures everyday and it gives me hope that communities like these are being supported already. It just takes a start. Now all we need is to change our perceptions and join them. Build the better future. Work towards what is right and real instead of living off of the norm and competition and industry.

Honestly, we haven’t lived like this, in this capital world, forever - so why is it so hard for people to envision changing? Have our comforts made us complacent to the plight of others and the planet? Has our population grown to a size beyond approach? Have we become so “specialized” in our professions that we have lost the art of living and the traditions of self sufficiency? We need to find some way to get to people again. To be able to educate real issues. To leave a generation of solutionary thinkers and empathetic visionaries. 

If we are merely a dream of the single consciousness, then the concept of right and wrong is moot. Therefore, what do we make of guilt? Is it a legitimate concern or something better left alone?


Spiritually speaking, the whole of wrong can be summed up as ignorance while the whole of right can be summed up as awakening or clarity. 

Any evil that has been done in this world intentionally comes from the fundamental ignorance of our true nature as the divine infinite. Furthermore, much of the suffering and chaos that threatens various societies result from our collective forms of ignorance rather than the fault of any particular individual or group of individuals. 

The important thing is not to philosophize spiritual teachings in order to justify action but rather to discover those truths in your own experience. Then you will naturally act in harmony with them. 

"If" we are solely the divine consciousness of eternity is not good enough. You must know for yourself what that actually means; you must awaken from dreaming separation. You will have no urge or desire to harm someone whom you realize is your own Existence. 

As for guilt, it is an inefficient way of trying to get rid of suffering. Perhaps you did something “bad” or regret an outcome for which you feel responsible. That is the result of unskillful action and understanding. Instead of feeling bad about it until time lessens the memory’s weight, use that shitty feeling to fertilize growth. Don’t just learn from the specific past but also never repeat it again. 

If there is something you feel guilty about and you use that to learn, grow, and never again repeat it, then there is nothing to regret. You have not only lessened the burden of your ignorance on the world but also on yourself. Peace is always possible. 

So long as we remain ignorant of our real self, we will behave like wounded animals and therefore need morality. Most of the harm we cause ourselves and each other is not that intentional. As we start to heal, there is a natural sense of communion with living things, including your fellow humans. You start wishing the best for everyone, be that a CEO or a ferret. 

Then where is the use of morality? The map is replaced by the territory: compassion. Compassion is the mood of the Whole. What else could it possibly feel? When sane and at peace, we are naturally compassionate to ourselves. Once realized that you are not a body or a mind, that compassion is boundless. The practice of compassion itself can be a powerful tool with which to awaken.

Namaste :)